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At the time of printing this list, all items were in stock. Some of the more desirable items are only one of a kind, so alternates would be appreciated.

Prices on this list will be maintained as long as possible. Prices are subject to change without notice due to the cost of replacement items of sold out items. This list replaces all previous lists, and other prices are null and void.

If you are looking for items not listed here, or singles from sets, please send a separate want list and we will send what we have available or can locate. We maintain a selection of broken sets from Asia area and the balance of the world. We also accept want lists from other countries and Topicals.


Payment must accompany order by check, or money order. Orders may be charged to Visa or MasterCard. Please provide all information, card number, expiration date on the card including the full name the card is issued to. California residents must include an amount for sales tax in their respective area.

A price on orders over $100.00 includes postage and will be sent insured. Orders under $100.00, please add $3.00 for shipping and insurance. Asia Philatelics cannot accept responsibility for uninsured shipments. If you are requesting Registration, please include $15.00. California residents must include an amount for sales tax in their respective area. All orders outside the United States must be sent Registered. Any overpayment will be refunded with the order. A check will be issued on amounts over $1.00, otherwise U.S. Postage will be sent as refund.

Cash refund on any material returned within 10 days in the same shipping envelope. No credit slips will be given on sold out items. .


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